Jumaan Trading & Invenstment Co.                 Since 1958
JTI serves its customers through a network of sales centers, spare parts and
service outlets spread all over the country.
With its headquarters in Sana\'a, it has branches and outlets in Aden, Hudaida,
Mukalla, and Radda\'a. JTI is planning to open more distribution networks and
increases its dealers at remote area.
Our prices are competitive as we believe that profit alone does not make
business successful. The profit indicates how well business is carried out for
the interest and wellbeing of all who are involved in it.
If you want to get in touch with us, our qualified and update trading staff will
be at your full disposal to offer you a qualified assistance by suggesting you
the most suitable products.

In todays competitive manufacturing industry, its important to know that you
wont suffer financially if the equipment you recently bought fails because of a
manufacturing defect. JTI gives you that assurance through an equipment
breakdown warranty. Our warranty offers you a level of confidence.

You know how important accurate service is. MAJ understands the value of service
and as a result, our Customer Service is able to answer your questions, solve
any problem and process your service order with efficiency and accuracy.
We are at your disposal to supply you with our knowledge and experience so
that your engine and machine can render at most during its working life.

We offer, besides, a wide range of genuine spare parts which will help you get
the best benefit From your engine.

As we are heading into a new era of technology, JTI and its suppliers believe
that education develops a strong foundation to every person involved
Training in JTI is an ongoing process for its own staff and the operation and
maintenance staff of the customers. The training is implemented either at JTI \'s
workshops that are fully equipped with training facilities with various teaching
aids or on-site training of proper operation and maintenance carried out for
customers\' employees to gain more knowledge of new machines and techniques of
quality services.

Thanks to our suppliers for several update courses attended by our technicians
and for their on site training that increased the competence of our technicians
as well as the customers\'. .