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   Jumaan Trading & Invenstment Co.
                                                                  Jumaan Trading & Invenstment Co.                 Since 1958
Yemen Feed Company

No Compromise on Feed Quality Vitamin enriched feed provides quality nutrition for your poultry. Our plant at Janad in Taiz Produces poultry fodder for egg and meat poultry via its computerized control services. The fodder that we produce contains the type of protein which is important. The finest and best value protein that the hen needs for optimal egg production and continuing winter egg production. Customer Services * We receive the ingredients from the customer and make the type of fodder required. * We offer transport services to our customers. photo The plant consists of: 1-Two sorghum silos with total capacity of 1000 ton. 2-Balancing line, consists of : a. four storage silos with a capacity of 40 tons b. a balance with a capacity of 1 ton with a computerized mixture system. c. Additional accessories. d. Mixing line consists of a horizontal mixer with its accessories. 3-Packaging and encasing line. The company has additional attached stores with a capacity of 1500 tons (One Thousand five hundred tons) for the raw material storage.