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   Jumaan Trading & Invenstment Co.
                                                                  Jumaan Trading & Invenstment Co.                 Since 1958


Universal Construction & Development Ltd

It is a subsidiary of Jumaan Trading & Investment Co. operating in the field of contracting and renders its services to the Public and private sectors especially in roads construction , Highways ,Bridges , Tunnels and airports in Yemen.
The company was established in 2002 as an independent contracting company ,specialized in Road Construction Works. In adopting modern scientific means and to keep pace with technological advancement , the company entered into partnership with a number of international Firms thereby enabling it to implement strategic projects in accordance with international standards and specifications ..The companys major focus is on works and services in the following fields of civil engineering:-
1- Road Construction, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, and airports.
2- Construction of Dams & infrastructure
3- Architectural , Building & Construction Works.
4- Survey & Design Works.
The Company owns the most modern required equipments for road construction works in Yemen and has a fleet comprising of excavation units and equipments for construction works as well as fork-lifts etcThe company is also keen to acquire modern equipments in the field of equipments maintenance. It has equipped its projects with Mobile Maintenance Workshops with all the necessary tools and devices needed to carry out its maintenance and repair works immediately on site. The Company also has an advanced well equipped Central Workshop run by highly qualified and experienced cadres to support the units of Mobile Workshops. UCD has at its disposal a group of highly qualified and experienced cadre with high-tech experience in engineering specialization. This cadre is well equipped with modern equipments and devices needed to execute all the tasks assigned to them in Road Construction Works with high efficiency. The Company is also keen to recruit Yemeni and foreign expertise with good experience in Road Contracting.
UDC has also acquired the necessary basic infrastructure needed to carry out its works in the form of laboratories, production centers for bitumen and concrete mixtures in addition to owning a modern fleet of equipments required to execute its tasks in accordance with internationally accepted standards and specifications.

Establishment :
Universal Construction & Development Ltd., was established in 2002, as an independent Contracting Company, specialized in the field of Road Construction Works.
Believing strongly that success can not be realized except through following proper scientific methods and in keeping pace with global Hi-Tech advancement, UCD forged partnership with the Chinese company named China Jilin International Economic & Technical Corporation .
Our partner had successfully executed strategic projects in the Middle East during the past two decades and this Partnership has empowered UCDs technical & financial capabilities thereby enabling us to execute works assigned to the company in accordance with internationally accepted standards & specifications, especially in the field of road construction.